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Tattered Lace Die - The Tattered Lace Magazine - Issue 41

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Tattered Lace Die - The Tattered Lace Magazine - Issue 41

Here’s Issue 41! An issue that has 33 projects to try. We have glamour with a very lovely pair of shoes, we have grandeur with the Floating in the Air, Circle Surprise, we have ingenious cards with a touch of shabby chic with the Offset Ovals and Tags, we have enchantment with the Cherished Carriage, and we have so much more too!
The FREE gift this month is the Mini Jigsaw and we have six fabulous projects to show you just how versatile and fun a mini jigsaw can be. The shaker card made up of jigsaw pieces is inspired! Don’t forget that you can use the die on photos too, just print some out and it will make a great card or scrapbook layout, not forgetting they can also be a neat little gift too.
We've already mentioned the shoes and really do have shoe envy - we'd would love a pair of them to just sit down in, because I doubt I could walk very far. However, it is not all about girly glitz and glam, it is also about the tropics. The Parrot card is a big splash of colour and works for all ages and for girls and boys. It made us smile, as did the template and folding projects this month. Bags to go with the shoes! The template project this month is a darling handbag that includes a little box, easy to do and looks great. The folding project is a mini gift card, all folded from a 21cm square, but try scaling up using wrapping paper.
If you love your colouring, we have a great tutorial with a cute little Kitten. We show you step by step how to lay down the colour. Don’t worry if you have a different set of pens, just go with the nearest colour that you have