Tattered Lace Die - The Tattered Lace Magazine - Issue 37

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Tattered Lace Die - The Tattered Lace Magazine - Issue 37

  • So glad you are joining us for Issue 37. We have something for the girls, something for the boys, something pretty, something clever and two fabulous colouring tutorials. However, let’s look at the FREE gift first! Teddy Hugs is bound to be a favourite, perfect for girls and boys of any age. Six delightful projects that show how to really get the best out of those teddies and of course, the best of all is that it is FREE! And more than just the die, you also get 2 sentiment stamps as well!

    We show you a couple of ways to make the Secret Slider card. This is always a winner, the recipient always wants to know how it works and think that us crafters are clever so and so’s. The Stairway (to Heaven) is just so clever and makes the most beautiful cards. We’re also delighted that we have some lovely flowers in this issue: Charisma Pansy, Blossom Corner and Waterlily Pocket. All very beautiful, we love the Blossom Corner and the versatility that it gives, it’s a corner, a butterfly and even a tulip! The projects for the Ditsy Petal Butterfly are outstanding, you must try the fridge magnet, it is so clever.

    If you are a dog lover, then please try the colouring tutorials for Berty the Basset Hound and Patrick the Pug. We have had so many requests to include this kind of project, we thought it would be rude if we didn’t! Seriously, they are both lovely and very easy to follow. And look out for the Mini Handbag with a little box inside, all done by folding and our lovely template project, the Post Box, gorgeous!