Scrapbook Paper Solids

Scrapbooking Paper Weights

How is Paper Weight Determined?

First off, lets start by saying that we are not talking about those heavy objects we use to hold our papers in one place on our desk. But instead, we are talking about the weight of an individual piece of scrapbooking paper that we use in our photo albums or for making those adorable handmade cards we all love to give to someone. What does this all mean? Well, the weight of a scrapbook paper is determined by the heaviness of a sheet of paper. Lighter paper has a lower weight, whereas heavier paper has a higher one. Paper weight is measured by the manufacturer. It's the fixed weight of 500 sheets of said paper, stacked, then measured in pounds. 500 sheets of copy paper, for example, weigh about 20 lbs. Therefore, standard copy paper has a listed weight of 20 lbs. This is the U.S. measurement system. It is measured by GSMin Europe and other parts of the world. 

How is paper weight measured?

The basis weight of a paper is the designated fixed weight of 500 sheets, measured in pounds, in that paper's basic sheet size. in thousandth of an inch. This measurement is taken with a micro meter.

Which Paper Weight Should I Use?

When you need a piece of paper for a project, consider the project you're making and what exactly that piece of paper will be doing in that project. Is it acting as a base for a card you plan to cake with embellishments? You'll want to choose a heavier weight cardstock. Is the piece of paper acting as a border for a picture? A lighter weight paper will suffice. Generally, paper weight ranges from 10-140 lbs. 

10-55 lbs: Light weight paper 

•55-85 lbs: Medium weight paper

•85-120 lbs: Heavy weight paper

•120 lbs and up: Extra heavy weight paper

 Here's a good way to decide which weight to choose:

20 lbs: You need a paper to jot down a note or make a copy. Thickness doesn't matter. 

•35 lbs: You need a paper that can be printed double-sided without it showing through on the other side, but still don't need it to hold much weight (like embellishments). 

•60-65 lbs: You want a paper that is heavier than copy paper, but it isn't going to hold too many embellishments or liquid adhesives. This is a common weight for lighter patterned scrapbook paper, drawing paper, and lightweight card stock.

•80 lbs: You need a base for a card or a sturdy layout page. You'll be using liquid adhesives, embellishments, and might add some mixed media elements. This is the same weight as business cards.

•90-110 lbs: You want to create high quality invitations or announcements. This is a heavy, high quality cardstock (perfect for heavy embellishments, paints, paste, ink, mixed media, and more). 110 lb paper is a great standard for card makers who want to add lots of embellishments.