Tattered Lace Die - The Tattered Lace Magazine - Issue 38

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Tattered Lace Die - The Tattered Lace Magazine - Issue 38

So here’s Issue 38 and welcome. We are really excited about this issue, it isn’t just one thing, it’s lots! So let’s start with the FREE gift: three dies make up the gorgeous Butterfly Dance and we are really delighted that we have right and left facing butterflies.

We have featured Grace and Charles and Daisy and Clara, four fabulous character dies that just ooze everything great about Art Deco. The projects really are brimming with Glitz and Glam! Concept cards have always been a huge favourite and the Offset Side Stepper Card die set, is much coveted! You will love the versatility and ingenuity of the projects. You will also love the Delicate Detail Floral projects. These dies are a first, they have a naivety that is so charming, but packs a real punch when put together with foils, sparkle and exquisite papers. Talking of exquisite, the Autumnal Hedgerow cards are dazzling, great big cards and an ingenious technique – perfect!

The Tiny Tubs are simply adorable and so much fun to make. Still in the Animal Kingdom the Nouveau Peacock is elegant and striking at the same time. As well as all the above, take a look at the Caravan template and the Sakura folding projects, cute and easy to put together. Don’t forget that those lovely papers in the middle are all for you.