A1Creatives - Resin - Iron

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A1Creatives - Resin - Iron (A1C-Iron)

A1Creatives is based A1 and a ready-to-use two/three-component system consisting of a mineral powder and a water-based resin. 

These bind in such a way that a very strong object is made in a short time with different attractive looks.

A1Creatives is water based, easy to use, fast curing and contains no solvents. 

A1Creatives has been developed to be cast in a (silicone) mould, because it makes a perfect copy with all the fine details.

100 grams of A1 Creatives Iron Liquid 
250 grams of A1 Creatives Iron Powder 
Iron Dust Powder (comes in the larger pot of Iron Powder) 

The mixing ratio to create a mixture is 1 part Liquid and 2.5 parts Powder on weight.